The Convenient Cutting Table for Sewing Room

Cutting table for the sewing room – Sewing is a creative activity that needs a cozy room. You could sew a dress, cloth, pants and another. It is kind of interesting activity whether for professional or amateur. You need to prepare the cutting table for the sewing room. It is to create the comfortable sewing room. You will get many inspirations when staying in the convenient room. It helps you do your creative activity. Then, you also need to know what is really important to support your sewing activity.

Cutting Table for Sewing Room



There are some essential necessities for sewing. Sewing machine, of course, it is the priority. However, don’t forget to prepare your different cutting table for the sewing room. And there is also others equipment you also must prepare for sewing such as scissor, measurement, etc.

The convenient cutting table

Cutting table has a function for a place where you could manage the cloth before sewing. This is the place to make pattern also. This is beneficial for helping your sewing process. The cutting table must be useful for cutting your cloth before ready to be sewn.

Cutting Table for Sewing Room

Cutting table for sewing room is one of the main equipment for support your sewing activity. You should measure the appropriate dimension to take the cutting table in the appropriate place. If your sewing room is large enough so you could place the cutting table in large dimension otherwise if there is no large space it is better to suit your room.

There is some good characteristic of the good cutting table. First, the surface of the cutting table must be effectively used for the large pattern because it makes you easy to make a pattern before sewing. The freestanding cutting table is also a good choice. Of course, the storage underneath cutting table is also valuable. It could be used for storing several sewing materials such as cloth, thread or other sewing materials. It also makes your room neat. Thank you for visiting our articles cutting table for the sewing room, don’t forget to share.


Selecting Sewing Table for Small Spaces

Sewing table for small spaces ~ Sewing tables are now modified in various designs. It is because sewing table nowadays is not famous anymore like the old days. Not many people buy it for a personal purpose. But it will be useful to have one to increase your skill or just to spend your time when you are free.Some people recently ask about the possibility to have one while they have small spaces. For those who want sewing table for small spaces, we will provide some tips before you decide to buy it.

Sewing table for small spaces

Things that you have to consider

Choosing sewing table for the limited area need some consideration of these things such as knowing the room size or layout, the design and the possibility of sewing table dimension. Knowing your room size will help you to decide the maximum size of the sewing table that you want to buy. It will also lead you to decide the proper design that will suit with your small place.


Sewing table for small spaces

Since there are so many sewing table designs at the property stores, you’d better decide what it will look like to suit your work and the room. You may choose the simple design or the complete design that can help you much in your work such as the one that is having drawers to keep your important files.

When buying it

When you decided to buy sewing table for small spaces, the first thing you should aware is the quality. Choose the table with the right size and check the quality. To check the quality, you can ask the staff at the furniture store to explain the material of the table. And about the design, you can also directly ask about the design like what you want, mainly consider the size first that suit with your room.

If you use online store, you can filter the products. It is easy, but you can’t check the quality directly, except if you know the trusted furniture brand of the sewing table. Thanks for visit in my article sewing table for small spaces

Sewing Machine Table Walmart

Known as one of the biggest stores, Walmart also provides you hundreds of sewing machine table. It might be difficult to choose sewing machine table Walmart if you decided to buy it so sudden without any idea of what type do you want or the right design to support your work.So before you buy, try to consider many things, so you will not regret after buying it. Don’t worry if you don’t know where you should start, here are some of the important things that you need to think before shopping at the Walmart for the sewing machine.

Sewing Machine Table Walmart


Things you need to think

Before buying the Walmart table for sewing machine, you will need to ask yourself to find out the right design of it that suit with your profession. Also, think about what features that you need to have on your sewing machine table. It is important to be considered because there are so many designs that might confuse you so that you will waste your time.

When you think about the design, please also consider the right size that suit with your room. Consider about the trusted brand also good to get the high-quality product. At last, you can also consider the price limitation to prevent wasting your money.

When you shopping

Shopping sewing machine table Walmart can be done by online and offline. The most important thing when you shop either online or offline is selecting the product based on quality and the right model. Checking the quality is easier when you visit the store directly than when you buy online.

If you think the quality is the second priority rather than the model, you can directly ask the customer service to bring you to the one which has the model like what you want. If many products suit you, you can begin to compare the quality and the price. It will help you to decide which one you want to buy finally. Thanks for reading this article sewing machine table Walmart

How to Use Handheld Sewing Machine or a Handy Stitch?

How to use handled sewing machine – In this recent era, everything has been upgraded as the modern one including the sewing machine. The handheld sewing machine is an updated machine to sew the cloth. It is practical and lighter so that you may bring it to anywhere.

How to use handheld sewing machine

The instructions of how to use handled sewing machine must be number-one information you read when you buy the machine. Using handled sewing machine is easy; the steps will be explained below.

How to use handheld sewing machine

1. Holding. To support the bottom of the machine, you need to hold it with the four fingers of your right hand. Do not forget to also put your thumb on the top of the sewing machine to hold the machine tightly.

2. Battery. Load the batteries, the four AA batteries in the compartment of the sewing machine on its bottom part.

3. Threading. Put the needle beside the thread which has been put through the spin thread 2-3 centimeters. Then, you may start threading. Lift the cloth fastening plate with your right forefinger. After that, put the cloth beneath the fastening plate which later will be settled down. Press the top part of the machine up and down; do it over and over. Move your right and left hand as the definite way to control the sewing. Well, you can adjust both the nut and the bolt.

4. Replace needle. With a screwdriver, you can take off the old needle or simply loosen the set-screw. Be sure to let the flat part of the needle face the invariant set screw.

Additional info about handheld sewing machine

You may wonder how to use handled sewing machine, but first, you need to know the information about the handheld machine itself. Do you know handheld sewing machine? Well, here is the info about it.

1. Handy Stitch. Handled sewing machine is also known as the handy stitch because it is handy since its size is small but useful. Although its size is small, this handy stitch works very quickly. You just need to fix your cloth’s hole for 5 minutes using this handled machine.

2. Batteries. The handy stitch does only use 4 AA batteries. In another word, there are no appropriate batteries except the 4 AA ones. Remember that the batteries do not come with the machine; they are sold separate so that you need to find them by yourself.

3. Supplies. There are many other supplies exist in the handy stitch including scissors, thread, and seam ripper. All of these three supplies have their use. Scissors, for instance, are for Cutting fabrics or thread.

Often, when you buy the handy stitch, there is an instruction about how to use handled sewing machine exist with the product, so you do not need to search for its info on the internet anymore

How Does a Sewing Machine Work?

How does a sewing machine work ~ Sometimes, people may think that a sewing machine is a magic tool. It can be so because there occurs so many good results of sewing and make that machine works just by moving the pedal as a reining. So, they may wonder how does a sewing machine work while it is being used. To answer this question, let’s make it clear.Talking about this tool, of course, we can say that it is a very useful tool for us. Without this tool, we may have difficulties in finding a way to sew clothes or other things easily and neatly.

Hence, it is good to have it or go to the tailor who has this tool when we need to get our clothes sewing. Then, to know how does a sewing machine work, we also need to know the parts of a sewing machine.

How Does a Sewing Machine Work?

Important parts of sewing machine:

1. A needle
When we talk about a sewing machine, there must be a needle in it. A needle is a very necessary thing in a sewing machine because it has a role in making way for thread to go inside the clothes. It works up and down to shove the thread so that it can make a good form of a seam on the clothes.

2. Thread
One of the most important parts of a sewing machine is a thread. This thing is used to latch every side of cloth which needs to be formed. Thus, a thread has a significant role in finishing a sewing.

3. Hook
Besides a needle and thread, another important part of a sewing machine is a hook. It also has a significant role in forming a sewing neatly. When the activity of sewing is going on, and the machine is moving, it will rotate and capture the thread from above. The, it will loop the thread around another thread so that there will be created a seam. That is why a hook can be said as an important part of this machine.

Furthermore, this useful tool will work well and maximally when it is operated by skilled people. So, when we need to sew and have a good finish, it will be better for us to learn it well first. Thus, we will operate in the right ways and have the knowledge to run it appropriately.

Well, that is all about the explanation of a question “how does a sewing machine work” which is hopefully will be useful for you to the readers.

How to Fix a Hole in Pants without Sewing It?

How to fix a hole in pants without sewing it? – As a mother, you must have already found holes in a lot of pants. Of course, you want to fix it for your little boy. Well, to fix a hole in pants, you might not always get sewing it as for the solution; instead, you can go trying another way.

No-sewing method to fix hole in pants

Exactly, how to fix a hole in pants without sewing has been the information that people especially mothers want to know. Here are methods of a no-sew way to fix the cloth’s holes.

How to fix a hole in pants without sewing

1. A patch. A patch which is made of bonded fiber fabrics like the iron on ‘Bond web’ must be the great solution for you to take. You just need to prepare for the patch, glue it and iron it. Follow the package directions for further info to apply the patch on.

2. Full return policy. You might get the new pants instead you try to fix the old one by calling and asking about the full return policy. Not all pants’ brands have such this specific policy about returning the pants except Sears.

3. Iron knee. There are many pants’ brands offer the new style of pants called ‘The Iron Knee.’ On the pants, there is a reinforcement patch that has already been sewn. When your son makes a hole in his pants, the company will give you the new one freely.

4. Stitch down the iron-on patches’ corners. There is a weakness of using the iron-on patch- it is easily fade while it is being washed. You, therefore, need to stitch down the corners of the iron-on patches to make it strong.

Tricks to prevent holes

The topic about how to fix a hole in pants without sewing must be popular but rather than questioning how to fix a hole; you should care about preventing the holes from being existed. Here are tricks to prevent holes in pants.

1. Turning the pants. Buy a bottle of fabric glue which you may find it in any store like JoAnne’s Fabric Store, for instance, and turn your kids’ pants with it. Dry the pants for less or more than 24 hours and wash it. This is done to make the denim holds together.

2. Changing kids’ behavior. It is hard to change someone’s behavior especially kids since they are still difficult to handle. You might change them by giving them prize when they do not tear their pants for a certain period.

3. Make three layers. If you are an active person, you must often make a hole in your pants, right? Then, what about thinking of making your pants three layers? You might reinforce both the right and the left knees with the iron-on patch for three layers.

That’s all about how to fix a hole in pants without sewing which may be useful for you who need the information about this topic.

How To Sew a Patch On The Favorite Jacket

How to sew a patch on the jacket – A jacket is one of the favorite fashion items for woman and man. It protects you from cold weather. Moreover, usually, it is worn in daily occasion whether for the formal or informal situation. Almost all circles from children to adult have a jacket. The price varies by the brands. The more famous brand will have the higher the price. You can collect the jackets according to your desires. You sometimes have an old jacket which has been worn.

The patch adds extra accessories for your jacket, so you need to know the way how to sew a patch on the jacket.Somehow a patch on the jacket is really interesting. It makes your jacket looks attractive.  It increases your performance while wearing on your daily routine.

how to sew a patch on the jacket


What should be prepared to patch your jacket?

Instead of purchasing the new jacket, you could redesign by adding something new such as the patch. Therefore it is better for you to sew a patch on your jacket.  You could modify your jacket to be something new, of course. So you get more confident with your new jacket. Choose the patch according to your need and taste.

You might be patient to sew a patch on the jacket because jacket made out from thick material. So it needs an extra energy for sewing it and be careful.  Stitch the patch onto the jacket and follow the process.

Several steps how to sew a patch on the jacket

1. Prepare the materials for sewing
You need some materials such as needles, thread, scissor, and sewing machine if you need.  You should match the color of your thread and the patch. This is an important step.

2. Stitching the patch using sewing machine or hand stitching
Start to sew the patch onto your jacket. All the materials needed must be ready.  Stitching the patch on the jacket manually or using a sewing machine. Choose one of them.

If you prefer to choose to stitch your jacket using a hand, you only need a scissor, needle, thread, and iron.  Tie knot the thread on the needle, and you are ready patching the patch. However, you could also use a sewing machine to sew a patch. The step is also similar with sewing using a hand. So you free to choose it.

3. Decide the position the patch on the jacket
This is important to decide where you sew the patch on the jacket. Don’t place in the wrong position; actually, it will worsen the result so you should do it twice.

It might be interesting activity how to sew a patch on the jacket moreover if you feel satisfied with your sewing result. And your old jacket changes into something new. It must look fabulous. You will get a new style for your daily performance. And your performance is not boring. Mix and match your performance with another outfit such as pants and cloth.

How to Hem Your Pants with Sewing Machine

How to hem pants with the sewing machine ~ Pants are one of the favorite fashion items that almost everyone has. You never get wrong by wearing pants and mix with another outfit. Pants make your activity becomes easy. This makes you free to do many things.  You must creatively mix and match the outfit using the appropriate fashion items. One of them is by wearing pant.Pants also could be used on many occasions whether it is formal or informal. You are free to choose in many ways. Be creative to modify your favorite pants.  Hem your favorite pants are a good idea, of course. So do you know how to hem pants with the sewing machine?

#Be creative to get something new

Measure your pants, first. Then follow step by step to hem your pants. Fit your pants with the body, first by measuring with the measurement. If the length is longer than your normal measurement, you could hem it. It makes your pant fit properly, of course.

how to hem pants with the sewing machine

Then, how to hem pants with a sewing machine? Hem your favorite pants using a sewing machine is easy enough. You only need to prepare all the materials needed. Then start to hem it using a sewing machine.

#What do you need to hem your pants?

Prepare the materials you need

1. Measurement 
Measure your pants using the measurement. This is the first step you could do to begin sewing. Outline using chalk for giving a sign.

2. Sewing machine 
The sewing machine is the important tool to hem your pant. It is so useful because it helps you to hem your pant. Choose a convenient sewing machine. Make sure it will work well.

3. Needle 
Don’t forget; the needle is also necessary to hem your pants. It could be used for temporary. Help you hem the pant for a while before stitching it.

4. Thread 
Match thread color with your pants, therefore, it will look catchy.

After all the materials are ready to be used, you could start to sew your pants. Install the thread in the sewing machine.  After measuring the pants in proper measurement, you could start to stitch your pant in the sewing machine. Follow the process of sewing.  Stitch the outline of your pant. You could redo if there is a mistake. Do it till it tidily looks.

The hem is a technique for folding the bottom of the pants. Usually, it is used a sewing machine to make you easy. Be careful to stitch your hem to get a tidy result. Fold your bottom of the pants and start to stitch.

There are some practical steps how to hem the pants with a sewing machine. Follow the instructions and be a detail you could hem your pant by yourself, of course. Be ready to see the new look of your pants.

How to Sew a Hole in a Shirt Fabric?

How to sew a hole in a shirt ~ A shirt must be a piece of clothes which is worn by us daily so that it has to be important to care. When you find a hole exists in a shirt, you need to fix it in a tailor. Rather than spending money on fixing the shirt, you may go sewing the shirt by yourself.

how to sew a hole in a shirt

#Ways to sew the shirt

Exactly, many people who just start learning to sew the clothes have the question about how to sew a hole in a shirt. Here is what you need to do.

1. The needle and thread. Sewing the clothes without the needle and thread is impossible. Therefore, these two things must be very necessary to have. Pick the right needle and thread to use. The thread should match the shirt’s color, and the needle must suit the cloth as well. If the shirt is made of soft fabric including jute, silk, nylon, mixed fabric, and cotton, you would better use the thick needle which is about 1 to 2 inches.

2. A split seam. You need first to identify the split seam of the cloth, whether the split seam is missing and broken. Then, pin the seam together to make it easy to sew it along its seam line to begin.

3. A hole. If a hole is a kind of fabric missing, which usually exists on the trousers’ knees and the jacket’s elbow, you have to reinforce the hole by adding the additional fabric like the patch. The patch may look different from the clothes’ fabric to make it even seems more decorative and stylistic.

4. Hand-sew the patch. It is true that you can use the sewing machine instead you sew the hole by the hand-sew method. However, if the fabric of the cloth is very thin, it is best to decide to hand-sew the hole exist.

#Tips for sewing the shirt

Sewing a hole exists in a cloth which is inspired by the question of how to sew a hole in a shirt should not always be that hard to do. Here are tips that you have to consider.

1. Material. The needle and thread would be the main material used to sew the hole exists on your clothes. However, you will also need the safety scissors and the napkin to support your sewing activity.

2. The thread. If you want the thread is strong, it is better to double the thread count to strengthen the stitch of the cloth; please consider using the weaving technique for the best result.

3. Clean up time. Put everything you have used back to its place. Do not let the scissors or the needle out because they can hurt someone else.

Learning how to sew a hole in a shirt might be a perfect way to sew the cloth alone without looking for the tailor’s help.