Diy Mala Beads for Accessories

Diy mala beads ~ If you like to wear accessories but want to express the philosophical meaning of them, you can try to make a DIY mala beads. It’s known widely that mala beads have a special meaning from a religious perspective as it is a tool for prayers or meditation. So, if you use it as accessories, you can also use sometime to help your prayer.  Is it easy to make it? Of course, it is. We will provide the guidance to make the mala beads that has the multi-purpose at once.

1. Things you need to prepare

DIY mala beads mean that you need to prepare everything by your own. Let’s start by collecting the gemstones for the beads. You can choose several luxury gemstones that have a meaning. For example, if you want to express the truth you can choose the kind aquamarine gemstone. You can also prefer from a particular wood.

Diy Mala Beads

About the number of the beads, you can decide it by your own. If the primary purpose is for accessories, you can choose 18 beads or 27 beads. The 27 beads can be used as a necklace, while the 18 can be used as a bracelet. Even the 108 could also be used as your bracelet if you know how to do it.

If you are a beginner, try to make the 18 beads. Do not forget to prepare the guru bead which is slightly bigger than the others. You will also need tools such as glue, scissor, and string.

2. The process

To make it, collect the beads that you already prepared with the string. You can use a needle to gather them all. Keep doing it until the beads number has filled up and nothing left. Tie it tightly after you done and spin the rest of the ring. For an accessory, you can do a final touching with designing or adding other things that it can make it looks beautiful. But if you prefer to use it as a prayer too, it doesn’t feel necessary to add something to it. That’s article about diy mala beads.

How to Make Mala Beads According to the Meaning

How to make mala beads ~ Recently, mala beads are not only used in prayers or meditation, but also for fashion or other personal purposes. But if you want to know, each kind of mala beads material has its meaning. Due to this different meaning, you can make it by yourself. We will guide you on how to make mala beads according to the purpose that you want. It is not difficult to make.The first thing of all is to know the meaning of purpose of the mala beads that you are going to make. You can choose between for prayers, meditation or fashionable accessories. The good thing is that you can make the three simultaneously by yourself.

How to make mala beads



It has been mentioned that you need to decide which meaning you want to put on your future handmade mala bead. If you haven’t decided, try these things like the important part of how to make mala beads.

In this preparation, you will need to choose the type of the gemstones or woods. For a prayer or meditation tools, you can use wood or some seeds. For an accessory that could express love and kindness, you can choose rose quartz as the gemstones. Prepare 108 beads with similar size and the one with a slightly bigger as the guru bead. If you want to separate the beads in particular number, you can use three different beads as the marker. The last, you will need the string. Some additional tools are like glue and scissor.

For another purpose, you can use a different number of the beads, such as 54, 27 or 18. Probably 18 will be okay for a necklace.

Make it real!

First, gather your beads. If you don’t want to use the separator, you should just keep gather it with the string. If you use it, try separating each 36 beads continuously until it reaches the guru beads. Cut the rest string and tie it. For a final touch, you can add another thing to make it prettier That’s how to make mala beads, may be helpful to you. If you think this article is useful don’t forget to share this article

The Real Mala Beads Meaning

Mala beads meaning has been becoming an interesting topic since many people use it, even those who aren’t religious. It has own philosophical meaning and could be different meaning according to several opinions and theories. But here, we will try to figure it out its meaning from two perspectives; they are from religious and self-meditation perspective. The religious one will be taken more from the history. Below is the explanation.
Mala Beads Meaning


Religious perspective

In this perspective, the definition of mala beads will be explained from Buddhist and Hindu perspective. It said that Mala is the tool for counting mantras during the prayer. Not only mantras but also to recite the name(s) of the deity that they believe about it. It helps much the users on their prayers.

In Hindu, most people use the 108 mala beads. The number has its philosophical meaning. According to the Hindu, the 108 means the whole universe. So basically it leads us to remember and think about the universe in a larger mind. Not only the number meaning but also the material of the Mala has its meaning. They use to make it using the seed of Rudraksha. Which according to many people, it’s sacred. The other material such as particular wood also has its meaning.

Mala Beads Meaning


Meditation perspective

The meaning taken from meditation perspective isn’t much deep as the religious one because mala has been used in a spiritual process for centuries. Some people use mala beads for meditation or yoga because they believe that Mala will help their focus or just to concentrate. Many people also have proved that it works for their inner self-development or intentions. It helps much to reduce the stress inside your mind when you are doing meditation.

Apart from both perspectives, the usage of mala beads nowadays as fashion accessories also probably has a meaning according to the individual. But historically, Mala beads meaning has a significant one for prayers and meditation process. the article is about mala beads meaning,  may help you. don’t forget to share

How To Use Mala Beads in a Proper Way

How to use mala beads – Mala beads are known as one of the traditional things that use for meditation or prayer. It is a string that consists of 108 Mala with one of the beads as the head, usually called in several phrases such as the guru bead. This bead is usually bigger than the rest of the beads.The question is mostly about how to use mala beads which come from the beginner users or some people who interested in using it. Since it is one of the meditation tools, the way to use it should be understood well. Below is the guide to use it and some additional knowledge about its philosophical meaning.

How to use mala beads


The philosophy of mala beads

Before answering how to use mala beads, it’s better to take a look on mala beads meaning. The 108 amount of the best is believed to have some a symbolize meaning. Some are mentioned that it is a sacred number in Hindu. The other theories mentioned that the number 1 represents a God, 0 represents a spiritual soul, while the eight is believed as infinity. The truth hasn’t revealed, but it would be wise if we know it as a necessary knowledge.

Not only Hindu, but mala also has been used by the Buddhist for centuries. But there are significant differences between both Mala. You will find the one for Hindu made by rudraksha, while the other one made by particular wood such as rosewood. Nowadays, Mala has been used not only for a prayer and meditation but also for yoga or just to remind us of our greatest intention. It’s powerful!

How to use it

The guidance on how to use mala beads is quite easy. First of all, you have to arrange your position. You can sit in the position of yoga or prayer of Buddhist. Then, hold your mala beads on your right hand between the index and middle finger. Before starting, take a deep breath or use some mantra if you have.

This will help your concentration. Start it with the guru bead and count until the last bead. It’s highly recommended to read some prayers or mantra while you count it. Keep counting until you reach the guru bead. You can do it repeatedly.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a mantra to be used. You don’t need to be religious to do this. But it will be wise that when you use it, you believe in yourself. Even if you just want to wear it, it is allowed too. Thank you for visiting mom2dbmk blog. That’s how to use mala beads.