Using Knit and Purl Stitch Patterns to Make Some Product

Knit and Purl Stitch Patterns – Hello, everyone. Do you need a good and right material to make some products to wear such as clothes, accessories and some other products? If so, to use knit and purl stitch patterns will help you to get a maximally expensive product because of the unique and exciting appearance of this material.

knit and purl stitch patterns

Talking about this good material, it will be the right choice for you because it has a subtle surface which can be perfect for some products. Besides, this material also has a beautiful texture. So, it will be able to fulfill the requirements to create luxurious products.

Products which are good to be created using this material

1. Mini bag

To have a simple and luxurious bag is not so difficult, especially for you who like a small or mini bag. Sometimes, you will need it to do some activities. On the other side, you also want to have a good style of your mini bag. Thus, to use a mini bag made from the knit and purl stitch pattern is very appropriate for you.

knit and purl stitch patterns

2. Casual shirt

In your daily activities at home, you must not need a formal cloth. Usually, people need a casual shirt with a simple shape that is comfortable to wear. Therefore this material will be suitable to make that kind of shirt.

3. Slipper

To have unique and stylish slippers as your popular ones are necessary. It will be very useful when you need to use it. In this matter, it is a right choice to get the slippers made from this kind of subtle material.

Furthermore, there are many products which are appropriate to be made from this knit and purl stitch patterns. However, the three of them, mini bag, casual shirt, and slipper are the kinds of product which are needed more in the people daily activity.

Use A Knitted Christmas Stocking Patterns As Your Lovely Ones To Wear

Knitted Christmas Stocking Patterns – When a Christmas is coming, you must prepare everything well to welcome it. Of course, you will prepare them with Christmas theme. Everything to prepare in Christmas can include accessories, things to wear, house decoration, and so on. Now, we are going to discuss a small but important thing to wear for Christmas; it is a stocking. Yes, a stocking is one of the favorite things to wear in Christmas because it can protect the foot from being cold. So, to fit the Christmas theme, it is better for you to wear knitted Christmas stocking patterns on the day of Christmas.

Knitted Christmas Stocking patterns

Things to consider to have knitted Christmas stocking pattern:

1. Design

To get the best look of your stocking in the Christmas, you have to choose an appropriate design for the stocking itself. An example of the appropriate design for the Christmas stocking is having pictures of Christmas them like Christmas trees, candles, Santa, gingerbread house and men and so on. Hence, with the existence of the pictures in it, the stocking will be so attractive to see.

Knitted Christmas Stocking patterns

2. Color

The appropriate colors for Christmas stocking are red and white. Probably these colors are the most appropriate ones because identically, Christmas color will be good in red and white.

Considering that stocking is one of the most important things to use in Christmas, it is suggested for you to choose the best and the most appropriate ones. In this case, to get this Knitted Christmas Stocking will be very right for you as it can present an attractive theme of Christmas.

Furthermore, to get an appropriate appearance, you should be able to fit the stocking with the cloth you wear. It will be crucial when you wear inappropriate ones, whether it is related to the design or color. So, you must pay attention to it carefully. Yes, that is all about knitted Christmas stocking patterns which are hopefully beneficial for you.




How To Make Knit Hat Pattern Circular Needles

Knit Hat Pattern Circular Needles – Do you need a hat? The hat is one of the accessories make someone looks different. Using hat is not only as the accessories only, but also it can be the tools to save your head. One of the nice head can you choose knit hat pattern circular needles. You can buy it in the shop. However, you can make it by yourself. There will be a simple thing you need. It just needs your time and some equipment.

Knit Hat Pattern Circular Needles

How to Make Knit Hat Pattern Circular Needles

1. Choose your needles

The first thing you need to do is by choosing the right needles. The best needles are determining your result. Circular needles make you easy in making your own knit hat. There are some kinds of needles. The standard size of circular needles is 8. However, you can choose the noodle from 8-10.

Knit Hat Pattern Circular Needles

2. Take you equipment

There is some equipment in doing knitting. For example, scissors, needles, and measuring tape.

3. Cut you yarn

Then, you need to cut your yarn. You can cut your yarn longer about 50 centimeters to finish your hat.

4. Continue knitting

The third way in making your fascinating knit hat is by continuing knitting to make a circle of your hat. You can try to use in your head for a few times. Then, you can measure how many rounds you have to make. By doing so, you will knit more to replace the length of your hat.

5. The last thing is you have to hide your rest of your knit. Cut some centimeters left. Drag you rest by using the needle through your knitted hat. The other way in hiding knit is by weaving it.

6. Finish

So, it is easy, right? You can make your own knit hat pattern circular needles by using a simple thing. Do not forget to choose a good material so that you will get the best hat. Finally, you will ready to use your amazing new hat. Thank you for visiting our articles knit hat pattern circular needles, don’t forget to share.

Fashionable Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Easy baby blanket knitting patterns for beginners ~ A baby blanket that we can see in a baby accessories store mostly looks cute and nice. But for those who want to make a knit blanket for their baby, you can make it by yourself. An easy baby blanket knitting patterns for beginners guidance will be provided here with some information about the basic patterns that you can try. You will also be informed how to combine some basic patterns to make it fashionable. It will be so cute to see your baby feel comfortable under the hot blanket that has a simple design.
Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns for Beginners


Easy to make basic patterns

Before making the easy baby blanket knitting patterns for beginners, you will need to know some basic patterns that you can try. Some simple patterns are including stripes with the different color, purl stitches, an X stitches pattern, wavy pattern and square stitches or bordered one. Those are the basic and simple patterns which also could be hard for those who have no idea about knitting.

To make it attractive, you can use the different color of knitting that match each other. But for a baby, it is recommended to choose pastel color.

You can also combine the basic design either with the same color or with the different color. For the same color, you can try to combine the stripes one for the edge of the blanket with the purl stitches for the rest. It is also possible to create the X stitches pattern in the center of the blanket. For the different color, you need to choose the color that suits each other.

If you want luxury color, try a color like maroon, green Tosca or creamy pink. But the key is the combination of the color.  As the example is the combination of blue ocean color, blue sky color with gray, white or even black. A right combination of patterns and color will make the blanket fashionable and comfortable.

Knitting the blanket

There are several tips before you start to make easy baby blanket knitting patterns for beginners. Since it’s dedicated for the beginner, it will be wise to learn general knitting at first. After that, practice to make the basic patterns that have been mentioned above. After you get yourself familiarized with basic knitting patterns, then start to make the blanket for your baby.

Decide the length and width of the blanket so you can prepare the materials well. Do not forget if you want to combine different colors then prepare the materials with the colors you that you want. After the preparation is done, you can start to make it with your design.

Deciding Basic Knit Hat Pattern

Basic knit hat pattern ~ Knit hat is a type of hat that can be used for fashion or help you when the temperature goes down such as when the winter come. For those who dislike fashion and want a simple design of the knit hat, the basic knit hat pattern will be the best choice. Although it called basic, there are so many choices that you will find when you go to the accessories store.But there is a way that can help you to choose the right knit hat for you, even if you want the simple design but can make you look so cute or cool. Of course, it means that there will be many things to think before deciding to buy.

Basic knit hat pattern


Before deciding to buy

Although it is just a basic knit hat pattern, it will make you look prettier if you buy the right one for you. But what are the things that need to think before deciding to buy? First, know the color that suits you. Many knit hats are black with some basic color pattern.

You will need to think about it too. For example, if you a girly think but love a basic pattern, try some design with spiral decreases with pink color. But if you are a typical simple guy, black with a little gray or white pattern. The knit hat with the basic black or brown color is usually fit with every outfit you wear because they are the neutral color. Some with stripes also can be the next thing you choose since the stripes also kind of basic pattern.

When you buy

When you go to the store to get your basic knit hat pattern, you can find the collection which provides basic design or simple design only. It will make you easier to decide. If you find many knit hats that suit you but you don’t want to buy them all, just try it in front of the mirror.

It is the easiest way to see which one that makes you look cuter or prettier. Make sure too that the quality of the knit hat is also good, at least it made from good material. Do not forget to choose the right basic pattern with proper color.

Sometimes it ‘s hard to find the one with the basic pattern also with the color that you like. The alternative way if you are hard to find is by prioritizing the design and choose the neutral color because it will be useful and match with almost any color of your outfit.