How to Hem Your Pants with Sewing Machine

How to hem pants with the sewing machine ~ Pants are one of the favorite fashion items that almost everyone has. You never get wrong by wearing pants and mix with another outfit. Pants make your activity becomes easy. This makes you free to do many things.  You must creatively mix and match the outfit using the appropriate fashion items. One of them is by wearing pant.Pants also could be used on many occasions whether it is formal or informal. You are free to choose in many ways. Be creative to modify your favorite pants.  Hem your favorite pants are a good idea, of course. So do you know how to hem pants with the sewing machine?

#Be creative to get something new

Measure your pants, first. Then follow step by step to hem your pants. Fit your pants with the body, first by measuring with the measurement. If the length is longer than your normal measurement, you could hem it. It makes your pant fit properly, of course.

how to hem pants with the sewing machine

Then, how to hem pants with a sewing machine? Hem your favorite pants using a sewing machine is easy enough. You only need to prepare all the materials needed. Then start to hem it using a sewing machine.

#What do you need to hem your pants?

Prepare the materials you need

1. Measurement 
Measure your pants using the measurement. This is the first step you could do to begin sewing. Outline using chalk for giving a sign.

2. Sewing machine 
The sewing machine is the important tool to hem your pant. It is so useful because it helps you to hem your pant. Choose a convenient sewing machine. Make sure it will work well.

3. Needle 
Don’t forget; the needle is also necessary to hem your pants. It could be used for temporary. Help you hem the pant for a while before stitching it.

4. Thread 
Match thread color with your pants, therefore, it will look catchy.

After all the materials are ready to be used, you could start to sew your pants. Install the thread in the sewing machine.  After measuring the pants in proper measurement, you could start to stitch your pant in the sewing machine. Follow the process of sewing.  Stitch the outline of your pant. You could redo if there is a mistake. Do it till it tidily looks.

The hem is a technique for folding the bottom of the pants. Usually, it is used a sewing machine to make you easy. Be careful to stitch your hem to get a tidy result. Fold your bottom of the pants and start to stitch.

There are some practical steps how to hem the pants with a sewing machine. Follow the instructions and be a detail you could hem your pant by yourself, of course. Be ready to see the new look of your pants.

How to Sew a Hole in a Shirt Fabric?

How to sew a hole in a shirt ~ A shirt must be a piece of clothes which is worn by us daily so that it has to be important to care. When you find a hole exists in a shirt, you need to fix it in a tailor. Rather than spending money on fixing the shirt, you may go sewing the shirt by yourself.

how to sew a hole in a shirt

#Ways to sew the shirt

Exactly, many people who just start learning to sew the clothes have the question about how to sew a hole in a shirt. Here is what you need to do.

1. The needle and thread. Sewing the clothes without the needle and thread is impossible. Therefore, these two things must be very necessary to have. Pick the right needle and thread to use. The thread should match the shirt’s color, and the needle must suit the cloth as well. If the shirt is made of soft fabric including jute, silk, nylon, mixed fabric, and cotton, you would better use the thick needle which is about 1 to 2 inches.

2. A split seam. You need first to identify the split seam of the cloth, whether the split seam is missing and broken. Then, pin the seam together to make it easy to sew it along its seam line to begin.

3. A hole. If a hole is a kind of fabric missing, which usually exists on the trousers’ knees and the jacket’s elbow, you have to reinforce the hole by adding the additional fabric like the patch. The patch may look different from the clothes’ fabric to make it even seems more decorative and stylistic.

4. Hand-sew the patch. It is true that you can use the sewing machine instead you sew the hole by the hand-sew method. However, if the fabric of the cloth is very thin, it is best to decide to hand-sew the hole exist.

#Tips for sewing the shirt

Sewing a hole exists in a cloth which is inspired by the question of how to sew a hole in a shirt should not always be that hard to do. Here are tips that you have to consider.

1. Material. The needle and thread would be the main material used to sew the hole exists on your clothes. However, you will also need the safety scissors and the napkin to support your sewing activity.

2. The thread. If you want the thread is strong, it is better to double the thread count to strengthen the stitch of the cloth; please consider using the weaving technique for the best result.

3. Clean up time. Put everything you have used back to its place. Do not let the scissors or the needle out because they can hurt someone else.

Learning how to sew a hole in a shirt might be a perfect way to sew the cloth alone without looking for the tailor’s help.

How to Use a Kenmore Sewing Machine Simply

How to use a Kenmore sewing machine ~ Nowadays, many people can operate a sewing machine whether it is the classic one or the contemporary one. Besides, it can be a way of getting money; sewing is a great activity because we can decide the form of the clothes as we want when we do it ourselves. Then, some of you may wonder how to use a Kenmore sewing machine. Well, on this good occasion, let’s discuss it.A Kenmore sewing machine is a kind of modern sewing machine. It should be operated differently from the old sewing machine. To operate a Kenmore sewing machine is not difficult. It is almost the same with using an old sewing machine. But, using a Kenmore sewing machine offer more comfort.

Also, when you want to know how to use a Kenmore sewing machine easily, you can start using this tool by setting the thread correctly and properly. Then, make sure the needle is in the right position. After all of them are set properly, you can put the clothes you want to sew. Then, enjoy the sewing activity just by pressing the operating button of the sewing machine using one of your feet.

How to Use a Kenmore Sewing Machine


By using a Kenmore sewing machine, you do not need to move the pedal of the machine anymore. It is nice, isn’t it? Then, there are some benefits of using this kind of contemporary tool compared to using an old sewing machine.

1. Being easier
By using a more modern tool, we will, of course, get more enjoyment of it because the new one will be designed to give simpler way to operate and also give a better finish. It includes the sewing machine.

This Kenmore sewing machine is made by considering the more enjoyment to the users. With a simple shape, smooth surface, accurate noodle and thread’s movement of this tool will maximize the users to present a good sewing more quickly.

2. Faster
To use this modern tool, you can sew faster than to use the old sewing machine. The reason is that this machine can create so many movements of the noodle to up and down shove the clothes with a single press.

3. Better result
A Kenmore sewing machine is made in high technology. This machine offers a regular sewing on the clothes because of the good accurateness of the noodle in giving way for a thread to latch the clothes perfectly. So, by using Kenmore, a better result than using the old sewing machine will happen to you.

To use Kenmore sewing machine is not difficult and it will give some benefits to you. So, be sure to use that as the best choice for you. Well, that is all about the explanation of how to use a Kenmore sewing machine and completed with the explanation of the benefits of using it. Hopefully, it will be a helpful explanation for you.