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Harry Potter Embroidery Design

Harry Potter is a famous fiction character that is created by JK Rowling. The story of Harry Potter is well known all over the world. Many people become Harry Potter fans Moreover some people try to make embroidery design using Harry Potter characters. It is so unique when it is time to make Harry Potter embroidery design.

Harry Potter embroidery design

Embroidery design using harry potter character

It has been fun for choosing Harry Potter as an embroidery design. Determine what kind of Harry Potter character do you like? You could choose several harry potter designs.

For designing the embroidery with harry potter character, it will be more special. Furthermore before doing it, better you prepare all the material you need such as embroidery, needle, and thread. After all of the materials have been ready you could get ready for making the embroidery design.

Do the step one by one. Of course, you should decide which one character that you like. You can choose only lettering each Harry Potter characters or draw the character itself. You are free to choose. After that, you should make a pattern related to your embroidery design. Make embroidery according to the pattern one by one. Tie a knot the thread and start to make a design to be real. You could use the technique of making embroidery. There is some technique you could use. Do it neatly. Don’t be hurry to get a maximum result of your work.

After doing the step one by one and you have finished making Harry Potter embroidery design. You could enjoy the result. It will look such a funny design instead of making a standard design better you try to make something new. Moreover, Harry Potter is the great choice o make your embroidery design becomes great to see. Be creative to design some character for your embroidery design project.

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