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Diy Mala Beads for Accessories

Diy mala beads ~ If you like to wear accessories but want to express the philosophical meaning of them, you can try to make a DIY mala beads. It’s known widely that mala beads have a special meaning from a religious perspective as it is a tool for prayers or …

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How to Make Mala Beads According to the Meaning

How to make mala beads ~ Recently, mala beads are not only used in prayers or meditation, but also for fashion or other personal purposes. But if you want to know, each kind of mala beads material has its meaning. Due to this different meaning, you can make it by …

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The Real Mala Beads Meaning

Mala beads meaning has been becoming an interesting topic since many people use it, even those who aren’t religious. It has own philosophical meaning and could be different meaning according to several opinions and theories. But here, we will try to figure it out its meaning from two perspectives; they …

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How To Use Mala Beads in a Proper Way

How to use mala beads – Mala beads are known as one of the traditional things that use for meditation or prayer. It is a string that consists of 108 Mala with one of the beads as the head, usually called in several phrases such as the guru bead. This …

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