Simple Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

Having a baby means you have to prepare baby equipment as complete as possible. There are many baby equipments such baby hat, baby clothes, baby shoes, baby blanket, and many others. In this article, you can learn about how to make a simple baby blanket knitting pattern.

Well, a blanket is one of important thing needed by a baby. It warms baby body at night. Another thing by using blanket is to save your baby from the mosquito. You can make your simple blanket from knitting pattern for your baby. How to do it?

Simple Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

How To Make Simple Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern?

1.    Measure baby blanket
The first thing in making knitting baby blanket is by measuring the blanket. There are many sizes of a baby blanket. You need to choose blanket you will make. Some sizes can you choose 36 x 36.

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2.    Choose the best knit
The second thing you need to consider is by choosing you to knit. If you are beginners, you have to choose soft knit. It is categorized as nice knit. The weight of knitting is determining how big your knitting pattern made. You can choose 0-6 to make your baby blanket.

3.    Choose nice hook
The hook is useful for knitting. Some hooks are available in different sizes. In the United States, the higher letters are symbolized by the letters. The larger the sizes, so the letter will be larger.

4.    Learn how to knit
If you are beginners, you need to learn how to knit first. You can learn about knitting single crochet which is easy.

5.    Start making your blanket in a base
You can use worsted weight or knit in creating a base band

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6.    Check your working
As you knit your baby blanket, you need to check it. By doing that, you can count to make sure that your knitting pattern is right. Do not forget to check the errors you made.

So, those are some way in making the simple baby blanket knitting pattern. You can practice it in your free time. It will be wonderful in having the baby blanket made by yourself. Just choose the best material which is comfortable for your baby.

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