How to Use Handheld Sewing Machine or a Handy Stitch?


In this recent era, everything has been upgraded as the modern one including the sewing machine. The handheld sewing machine is an updated machine to sew the cloth. It is practical and lighter so that you may bring it to anywhere.

How to use handheld sewing machine

The instructions of how to use handled sewing machine must be number-one information you read when you buy the machine. Using handled sewing machine is easy; the steps will be explained below.

How to Use Handheld Sewing Machine

1. Holding. To support the bottom of the machine, you need to hold it with the four fingers of your right hand. Do not forget to also put your thumb on the top of the sewing machine to hold the machine tightly.

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2. Battery. Load the batteries, the four AA batteries in the compartment of the sewing machine on its bottom part.

3. Threading. Put the needle beside the thread which has been put through the spin thread 2-3 centimeters. Then, you may start threading. Lift the cloth fastening plate with your right forefinger.

After that, put the cloth beneath the fastening plate which later will be settled down. Press the top part of the machine up and down; do it over and over. Move your right and left hand as the definite way to control the sewing. Well, you can adjust both the nut and the bolt.

4. Replace needle. With a screwdriver, you can take off the old needle or simply loosen the set-screw. Be sure to let the flat part of the needle face the invariant set screw.

Additional info about handheld sewing machine

You may wonder how to use handled sewing machine, but first, you need to know the information about the handheld machine itself. Do you know handheld sewing machine? Well, here is the info about it.

1. Handy Stitch. Handled sewing machine is also known as the handy stitch because it is handy since its size is small but useful. Although its size is small, this handy stitch works very quickly. You just need to fix your cloth's hole for 5 minutes using this handled machine.

2. Batteries. The handy stitch does only use 4 AA batteries. In another word, there are no appropriate batteries except the 4 AA ones. Remember that the batteries do not come with the machine; they are sold separate so that you need to find them by yourself.

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3. Supplies. There are many other supplies exist in the handy stitch including scissors, thread, and seam ripper. All of these three supplies have their use. Scissors, for instance, are for Cutting fabrics or thread.

Often, when you buy the handy stitch, there is an instruction about how to use handled sewing machine exist with the product, so you do not need to search for its info on the internet anymore.

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