How to Sew a Patch On The Favorite Jacket


A jacket is one of the favorite fashion items for woman and man. It protects you from cold weather. Moreover, usually, it is worn in daily occasion whether for the formal or informal situation. Almost all circles from children to adult have a jacket. The price varies by the brands. The more famous brand will have the higher the price.

You can collect the jackets according to your desires. You sometimes have an old jacket which has been worn. The patch adds extra accessories for your jacket, so you need to know the way how to sew a patch on the jacket.

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Somehow a patch on the jacket is really interesting. It makes your jacket looks attractive.  It increases your performance while wearing on your daily routine.

What should be prepared to patch your favorite jacket? 

Instead of purchasing the new jacket, you could redesign by adding something new such as the patch. Therefore it is better for you to sew a patch on your jacket.  You could modify your jacket to be something new, of course. So you get more confident with your new jacket. Choose the patch according to your need and taste.

You might be patient to sew a patch on the jacket because jacket made out from thick material. So it needs an extra energy for sewing it and be careful.  Stitch the patch onto the jacket and follow the process.

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Several steps how to sew a patch on the jacket 

1. Prepare the materials for sewing
You need some materials such as needles, thread, scissor, and sewing machine if you need.  You should match the color of your thread and the patch. This is an important step.

2. Stitching the patch using sewing machine or hand stitching
Start to sew the patch onto your jacket. All the materials needed must be ready.  Stitching the patch on the jacket manually or using a sewing machine. Choose one of them.

If you prefer to choose to stitch your jacket using a hand, you only need a scissor, needle, thread, and iron.  Tie knot the thread on the needle, and you are ready patching the patch. However, you could also use a sewing machine to sew a patch. The step is also similar with sewing using a hand. So you free to choose it.

3. Decide the position the patch on the jacket
This is important to decide where you sew the patch on the jacket. Don't place in the wrong position; actually, it will worsen the result so you should do it twice.

It might be interesting activity how to sew a patch on the jacket moreover if you feel satisfied with your sewing result. And your old jacket changes into something new. It must look fabulous. You will get a new style for your daily performance. And your performance is not boring. Mix and match your performance with another outfit such as pants and cloth.

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