How to Sew a Hole in a Shirt Fabric?


A shirt must be a piece of clothes which is worn by us daily so that it has to be important to care. When you find a hole exists in a shirt, you need to fix it in a tailor. Rather than spending money on fixing the shirt, you may go sewing the shirt by yourself.

How to Sew a Hole in a Shirt

Exactly, many people who just start learning to sew the clothes have the question about how to sew a hole in a shirt. Here is what you need to do.

How to Sew a Hole in a Shirt Fabric?

1. The needle and thread. Sewing the clothes without the needle and thread is impossible. Therefore, these two things must be very necessary to have. Pick the right needle and thread to use. The thread should match the shirt's color, and the needle must suit the cloth as well. If the shirt is made of soft fabric including jute, silk, nylon, mixed fabric, and cotton, you would better use the thick needle which is about 1 to 2 inches.

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2. A split seam. You need first to identify the split seam of the cloth, whether the split seam is missing and broken. Then, pin the seam together to make it easy to sew it along its seam line to begin.

3. A hole. If a hole is a kind of fabric missing, which usually exists on the trousers' knees and the jacket's elbow, you have to reinforce the hole by adding the additional fabric like the patch. The patch may look different from the clothes' fabric to make it even seems more decorative and stylistic.

4. Hand-sew the patch. It is true that you can use the sewing machine instead you sew the hole by the hand-sew method. However, if the fabric of the cloth is very thin, it is best to decide to hand-sew the hole exist.

Tips for sewing the shirt

Sewing a hole exists in a cloth which is inspired by the question of how to sew a hole in a shirt should not always be that hard to do. Here are tips that you have to consider.

1. Material. The needle and thread would be the main material used to sew the hole exists on your clothes. However, you will also need the safety scissors and the napkin to support your sewing activity.

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2. The thread. If you want the thread is strong, it is better to double the thread count to strengthen the stitch of the cloth; please consider using the weaving technique for the best result.
3. Clean up time. Put everything you have used back to its place. Do not let the scissors or the needle out because they can hurt someone else.

Learning how to sew a hole in a shirt might be a perfect way to sew the cloth alone without looking for the tailor's help.

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