How to Make Wine Bottle Candle By Yourself


Empty wine bottles can be used to create something attractive since the glass of the bottle looks good and the shape also unique.  One of the creativity you can make is candle bottle. Many people have questioned how to make wine bottle candles because it's easy to be made and we can remake it after running out the candle. Besides, it has economic value too. There are few steps that you can follow to make the candle bottle.

How to Make Wine Bottle Candle

How to Make Wine Bottle Candle

Before processing on how to make wine bottle candles, we need to prepare many things that will be needed to make it perfect. First, you will need the empty and clean wine bottle of course. You can use several bottles up to six and cut them so that they will look like glasses.

Use the sandpaper to make the edge of the cut bottle smooth. For a better quality of the bottle, keep them for at about 15 seconds in the cold water (the colder, the better) and then put them into the almost boiled water.

You will also need also soy wax and wick. They are the primary material to make the candle bottle, but that's not enough. Other things you need to prepare is two pans, one of them should be smaller. Please note that since wax will be quickly burned, you should be careful in the next process.

The first process on how to make wine bottle candles is heating up the wax. To make it safe, use the big pan and fill it with boiled water. Put the wax in the smaller pan and then place it inside the bigger one. The heat from the water will make the wax turn into the liquid. Keep stirring it for few minutes. After that, take off the pan and let it cooler while still stir it.

While waiting for the liquid candle into slightly lower temperature, prepare the bottle and set the wick in the middle of it. Use a pen or some small things as a wick holder. Make sure your wick is longer than the height of the bottle.

Before the liquid candle change, you should put it in the bottle. Be careful of the temperature and please keep in mind to not fulfill the bottle as a whole. Leave about 0.5 cm below the surface of the bottle. Do the same with the other bottles and wait for them until becoming ossified.

For the last touching, you can do your creativity like painting the bottle or carving the surface of the candle.

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