How To Make Knit Hat Pattern Circular Needles

Do you need a hat? The hat is one of the accessories make someone looks different. Using hat is not only as the accessories only, but also it can be the tools to save your head. One of the nice head can you choose knit hat pattern circular needles.

You can buy it in the shop. However, you can make it by yourself. There will be a simple thing you need. It just needs your time and some equipment.

How To Make Knit Hat Pattern Circular Needles

How to Make Knit Hat Pattern Circular Needles

1.    Choose your needles
The first thing you need to do is by choosing the right needles. The best needles are determining your result. Circular needles make you easy in making your own knit hat. There are some kinds of needles. The standard size of circular needles is 8. However, you can choose the noodle from 8-10.

2.    Take you equipment
There is some equipment in doing knitting. For example, scissors, needles, and measuring tape.

3.    Cut you yarn
Then, you need to cut your yarn. You can cut your yarn longer about 50 centimeters to finish your hat.

4.    Continue knitting
The third way in making your fascinating knit hat is by continuing knitting to make a circle of your hat. You can try to use in your head for a few times. Then, you can measure how many rounds you have to make. By doing so, you will knit more to replace the length of your hat.

5.    The last thing is you have to hide your rest of your knit. Cut some centimeters left. Drag you rest by using the needle through your knitted hat. The other way in hiding knit is by weaving it.

6.    Finish
So, it is easy, right? You can make your own knit hat pattern circular needles by using a simple thing. Do not forget to choose a good material so that you will get the best hat. Finally, you will ready to use your amazing new hat. 

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