How to Make A Candles With Essential Oils


Candle with unique or cute design has now modified with the other attractive material; it is essential oil. This is amazing because the when the candle burns, it will smell good.

The other good news is that there are many kinds of essentials oil that we can choose such as lavender which is excellent for aromatherapy too, rose, jasmine and even grapefruit. You can also make it by yourself so can the one that you want.

How to Make A Candles With Essential Oils

How to Make A Candles With Essential Oils in Easiest Way

But then many people ask about how to make candles with essential oil. Make it by yourself is better because you can mix the essential oil or you can set the intensity of the essential oil in each glasses of the candle.

A good start on beginning the answer of how to make candles with essential oil is by providing the information about the materials. First, you should have the soy wax, a long wick that suits with the candle jar, candle jar (you can use wine bottle that has been cut) and the essential oil. Especially for the essential oil, you should select the one that can mix with the liquid wax.

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If you don't know, you can ask the customer service at the craft store. Some additional tools are including wick holder (you can use a skewer or a pen), thermometer, pans (or you can use glass melting if you prefer by microwave) and spoon that preferably made from wood to stir.

The first process on how to make candles with essential oil is to make sure that everything is clean. Put the wick in the middle of candle bottle and use the wick holder to keep it in the center. Now it is time to melting the wax. There are two choices. First, you can use a glass melting and put it in the microwave or by boiling the water in a pan and put the glass melting in it. Keep stirring at the melted wax.

Be careful because it's easy to burn. While stirring, you can start adding the essential oil to it. The suggested temperature before put it into the candle jar is between 90-100°C. After it, pour the melted wax into the candle jar carefully. Also please notice the wick when you pour it in. Now, the rest process is just waiting for few days while keeping it inside the box. It is approximately a week before you test the smell by burning it.

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