How to Fix a Hole in Pants without Sewing It?


As a mother, you must have already found holes in a lot of pants. Of course, you want to fix it for your little boy. Well, to fix a hole in pants, you might not always get sewing it as for the solution; instead, you can go trying another way.

How to Fix a Hole in Pants without Sewing

Exactly, how to fix a hole in pants without sewing has been the information that people especially mothers want to know. Here are methods of a no-sew way to fix the cloth's holes.

How to Fix a Hole in Pants without Sewing

1. A patch. A patch which is made of bonded fiber fabrics like the iron on 'Bond web' must be the great solution for you to take. You just need to prepare for the patch, glue it and iron it. Follow the package directions for further info to apply the patch on.

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2. Full return policy. You might get the new pants instead you try to fix the old one by calling and asking about the full return policy. Not all pants' brands have such this specific policy about returning the pants except Sears.

3. Iron knee. There are many pants' brands offer the new style of pants called ‘The Iron Knee.' On the pants, there is a reinforcement patch that has already been sewn. When your son makes a hole in his pants, the company will give you the new one freely.

4. Stitch down the iron-on patches' corners. There is a weakness of using the iron-on patch- it is easily fade while it is being washed. You, therefore, need to stitch down the corners of the iron-on patches to make it strong.

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Tricks to prevent holes

The topic about how to fix a hole in pants without sewing must be popular but rather than questioning how to fix a hole; you should care about preventing the holes from being existed. Here are tricks to prevent holes in pants.

1. Turning the pants. Buy a bottle of fabric glue which you may find it in any store like JoAnne's Fabric Store, for instance, and turn your kids' pants with it. Dry the pants for less or more than 24 hours and wash it. This is done to make the denim holds together.

2. Changing kids' behavior. It is hard to change someone's behavior especially kids since they are still difficult to handle. You might change them by giving them prize when they do not tear their pants for a certain period.

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3. Make three layers. If you are an active person, you must often make a hole in your pants, right? Then, what about thinking of making your pants three layers? You might reinforce both the right and the left knees with the iron-on patch for three layers.

That's all about how to fix a hole in pants without sewing which may be useful for you who need the information about this topic.

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