How Many Beads on a Mala that We Should Use


Since Mala is still a religious tool, many people asked on how many beads on a mala that we should use. It is a good question to understand the right number of beads that would be nice for use. Some theories mentioned that the number of the beads have a special meaning.It will affect for those who want to make mala beads by themselves. Probably it's just a number, but there are several numbers for the beads on a mala. Below is the explanation.

How Many Beads on a Mala

Trying to answer the question on how many beads on a mala that we should use in a general way and the answer would be 108. It is the universal mala that you will easily find. But on the other hand, mala also could consist of 18, 27 and 54 beads only. Besides, the 108 beads mala also has philosophical and historical meaning for Buddha and Hindu, the two religions that use mala as part of the prayer.

How Many Beads on a Mala

Apart from the religious thing, you can make it or use it as you want. You must have a purpose when you decide to buy a mala, so basically, the number that you think the suit for you perhaps the one that you should use. If your purpose is more into religion and spiritual, 108 beads mala is great. 108 beads mala is also known to be used by the Tibetan Buddhism.

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There are so many mysterious reasons why they choose it. Probably there is a reason that related to the usage of the beads; it is to help them to count the mantras. Other theories mentioned that the 108 number has a meaning that related to the human, universe and the deity.

If you ask which beads mala that you should do, of course, it depends on your purpose of using mala. For a prayer or meditation, 108 beads will be better. For another purpose, you can take the other number that suits you.

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