How To Balance Your Sewing Machine Tensions

How To Balance Your Sewing Machine Tensions ~ Sewing machines Tension can balance with yourself, but you need to understand the mistakes that make the number one ditch. When trying to do this there is a simple thing to remember.

The first thing I do every time I get a machine in the bank is a higher voltage net disc. This is very easy to do and takes very little time. Find a diffuse piece of material about 8 inches long and 2 inches (soft material will work best, as a non-fuzzy cotton).

Then lift the foot Presser so that the tension discs open. This will allow you to get your material in them and remove any feathers or threads that accumulate between them (look into where your machine is spinning through stress if you’re not well outside).

How To Balance Your Sewing Machine Tensions

Now, with material held in positions that can run forward and backward or up and down you are ready to clear the tension. Place the material on the disc and move several times forward and backward. When you are done with this, just take a deep and hard right breath where it’s a clean hit. Make sure your top voltage is set to 4-5 or right in a neutral position and is done.

Depending on whether your sewing machine has a coil drop or snap on the coil of the actual cleansing should be the same, but I will try to separate them for you. With the coil drop, the needle plate and the spindle case must be removed from the sewing machine. Then clean accumulated debris in and around the plane. A q-tip works well for this. Now, place one or two drops of oil right at the center of the shuttle (the shuttle is what you put into your box inside the coils).

Check to make sure that the dog has collected the remains of food between them (dogs eat or eat your material). If you see a build just take your old sewing machine and remove it. Reseat the machine, put the new needle, thread and the machine should be ready to go.

To snap on a coil cleanup it’s almost the same. Needle plates should be removed, but should only to check the accumulation between feed dogs (electric dogs that move to feed material). If you see the accumulation between them take their old needles and clean. Remove retain case of spindle ring and spindle case.

Clean the spindle area of ​​the case – Snap In the spindle. As in the coil drop to clean up accumulated with q-tip. Place a drop of oil over the crescent shuttle and reassemble the box area of ​​the coil. Put a new needle and you have to sew away! (Make sure the higher voltage is set to 4-5 or right in neutral position and has finished).

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