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What Is White Tea? Types of Chinese Tea

White tea has become very popular lately because of its health benefits, but it is still not known as green tea. It may be easier to drink because the flavors are mild and soft and slightly sweeter than other Chinese teas. One more thing I appreciate personally is not having a grassy taste like green tea.

White tea (Chinese pinyin, báichá) is cultivated and harvested mainly in China, especially in Fujian province, but also in Jiangxi and Yunnan. This tea is made from the same plant shoots and leaves as other Chinese teas; Camellia sinensis. Leaves and shoots are left withered before being processed lightly to prevent oxidation.

What Is White Tea? Types of Chinese Tea

The term "white tea" comes from the silvery white hair of the unopened tea bud. This gives this plant a whitish appearance. Tea infusion, however, is not white, but the yellow is pale to light brown. The Camellia plant (Chinese pinyin, ChahuÄ, meaning tea flower) mainly has two varieties used for tea production; Sinensis as mentioned above and Camellia sinensis var. Assamica (Assam tea grown in India and Sri Lanka).

As mentioned above all types of tea, whether white, green, oolong, black or puerh tea are made from the same plant. The Chinese type is a small shrub with narrow leaves and is smaller than assamica type. Of course, there are also many different cultivars in each of these two varieties.

Camellia Sinensis native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Southeast Asia. In southern China, plants grow in mountainous areas with mild temperatures and abundant rainfall.

The history of Chinese tea goes back thousands of years, while white tea is the youngest Chinese tea also in this regard. It was first mentioned around the 1100s and commercial production began as late as the seventeenth century. The famous Pekoe Silver Needle was first marketed in 1885 and Peony White until 1922.

White tea made from local cultivars Camellia sinensis Fujian called Great White (Da bai), white small (xiao bai) and others. White tea production is not good and therefore the price is higher than most other teas. Current production is increasing due to increasing popularity and high demand.

The first quality of white tea is harvested in a few short weeks in March / April and that is also one of the reasons why this tea volume is much lower. Only selected in perfect climatic conditions to maintain the highest quality. Part of the tea is also collected during the summer and fall and of course this is known as lower class tea.

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