Fashionable Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Easy baby blanket knitting patterns for beginners ~ A baby blanket that we can see in a baby accessories store mostly looks cute and nice. But for those who want to make a knit blanket for their baby, you can make it by yourself. An easy baby blanket knitting patterns for beginners guidance will be provided here with some information about the basic patterns that you can try. You will also be informed how to combine some basic patterns to make it fashionable. It will be so cute to see your baby feel comfortable under the hot blanket that has a simple design.
Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns for Beginners


Easy to make basic patterns

Before making the easy baby blanket knitting patterns for beginners, you will need to know some basic patterns that you can try. Some simple patterns are including stripes with the different color, purl stitches, an X stitches pattern, wavy pattern and square stitches or bordered one. Those are the basic and simple patterns which also could be hard for those who have no idea about knitting.

To make it attractive, you can use the different color of knitting that match each other. But for a baby, it is recommended to choose pastel color.

You can also combine the basic design either with the same color or with the different color. For the same color, you can try to combine the stripes one for the edge of the blanket with the purl stitches for the rest. It is also possible to create the X stitches pattern in the center of the blanket. For the different color, you need to choose the color that suits each other.

If you want luxury color, try a color like maroon, green Tosca or creamy pink. But the key is the combination of the color.  As the example is the combination of blue ocean color, blue sky color with gray, white or even black. A right combination of patterns and color will make the blanket fashionable and comfortable.

Knitting the blanket

There are several tips before you start to make easy baby blanket knitting patterns for beginners. Since it’s dedicated for the beginner, it will be wise to learn general knitting at first. After that, practice to make the basic patterns that have been mentioned above. After you get yourself familiarized with basic knitting patterns, then start to make the blanket for your baby.

Decide the length and width of the blanket so you can prepare the materials well. Do not forget if you want to combine different colors then prepare the materials with the colors you that you want. After the preparation is done, you can start to make it with your design.

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