Diy Mala Beads for Accessories

Diy mala beads ~ If you like to wear accessories but want to express the philosophical meaning of them, you can try to make a DIY mala beads. It’s known widely that mala beads have a special meaning from a religious perspective as it is a tool for prayers or meditation. So, if you use it as accessories, you can also use sometime to help your prayer.  Is it easy to make it? Of course, it is. We will provide the guidance to make the mala beads that has the multi-purpose at once.

1. Things you need to prepare

DIY mala beads mean that you need to prepare everything by your own. Let’s start by collecting the gemstones for the beads. You can choose several luxury gemstones that have a meaning. For example, if you want to express the truth you can choose the kind aquamarine gemstone. You can also prefer from a particular wood.

Diy Mala Beads

About the number of the beads, you can decide it by your own. If the primary purpose is for accessories, you can choose 18 beads or 27 beads. The 27 beads can be used as a necklace, while the 18 can be used as a bracelet. Even the 108 could also be used as your bracelet if you know how to do it.

If you are a beginner, try to make the 18 beads. Do not forget to prepare the guru bead which is slightly bigger than the others. You will also need tools such as glue, scissor, and string.

2. The process

To make it, collect the beads that you already prepared with the string. You can use a needle to gather them all. Keep doing it until the beads number has filled up and nothing left. Tie it tightly after you done and spin the rest of the ring. For an accessory, you can do a final touching with designing or adding other things that it can make it looks beautiful. But if you prefer to use it as a prayer too, it doesn’t feel necessary to add something to it. That’s article about diy mala beads.

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